District closed to new non-resident applications for grades K-6 for 2015-16

Over the past year the Shoreline School District has been keeping a close watch on our increasing enrollment.  While this is a positive sign after many years of declining enrollment this trend does present some challenges to our schools.  As a result of:

  • Increased enrollment
  • Space constraints particularly at the elementary level
  • Anticipated future growth

the Shoreline School District has carefully come to the following decision:

In accordance with Policy 3141 and 3141P, in which admittance of non-resident students shall take into consideration classroom and program capacity to serve and not diminish educational opportunities and services to students of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park residents, the Shoreline School District is now closed to new non-resident boundary transfer applications for grades K-6 for the 2015-16 school year.

Current students with non-resident boundary transfers for the 2014-15 school year will be allowed to continue to attend the Shoreline School District unless the family moves or admission is revoked for the reasons identified in the notice of acceptance. The District will reevaluate enrollment capacity prior to the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. At that time siblings of students with current non-resident boundary exceptions will be given priority should space become available.

The District will continue to honor all statutory and contractual obligations relating to non-resident boundary transfer applications for the children of District employees.

Nurse Gary Eneberg – District Support Person of the Year!

21115SPOYGary Eneberg, nurse at Briarcrest Elementary School, has been selected as the 2015 Shoreline Schools Support Person of the Year.

Gary will be honored at a reception at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 2 in the Shoreline Center lobby as the District kicks off Support Staff Appreciation Week. The community is invited to attend.

“He is gifted in his position and meticulous in his work,” his nomination read in part. “Each day he cares for our students who get bumped and bruised, are feeling sick, require medications, or need some emotional support. Gary carefully tracks the immunization status of 480 students. He also gives back to the nursing profession by hosting nursing students throughout the year.”

Gary has been the nurse at Briarcrest since 1996. Each year he spends a week at 6th grade camp, teaches anti-bullying lessons in classrooms and teams with the school’s family advocate.

“For many students and families, Nurse Gary is a true touchstone in the school. He is always there with a smile, kind word and dry socks for a child who steps in too big of a puddle. Gary helps families feel at ease when there is a medical concern and his compassion provides a true sense of care. Gary sees the best in everyone that he interacts with, and is an excellent representative of the school and District.”

The Support Person of the Year award has been made annually since 1998 and is selected by a committee of staff and community members from nominations received from around the District. The recipient also receives a professional development grant from the Shoreline Public Schools Foundation.

Salmon update

IMG_0357The salmon have grown so much over the last several weeks.  You can still see a little pink belly from the yolk sack on the fish so they are not quiet at the next stage yet.  As you can see they are swimming around a lot more and definitely look like little salmon now.

Please come by the library and take a look!

Global Reading Challenge

We had or annual Global Reading Challenge this morning, officiated by Guest Librarians from the Shoreline Public Library.  Our participants did an excellent job of remembering the answers to some truly tricky questions!

IMG_0122 IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0129 IMG_0130

Heritage Festival – Thank You!!!

We had such a great turn-out at our 2014-2015 Heritage Festival!  Delicious food, fun crafts, great entertainment, and beautiful clothing – it was truly an enjoyable evening.  I would like to thank all of our volunteers for their help that evening, and in particular:

April & David Ingle – Organizers

Amanda Schmidt and Mara Mulcahy – PTA Co-Presidents, Setup/Cleanup Champions

Elizabeth Diaz, Analia Bulcyznsk, and Mila Klein – Craft Providers

Charles Ruggiero and Rob Brown – Photographers

Siri Hulbert – Super Volunteer

Gauge, Finn, Oscar, and Isaac – Student Performers

Kate, Nicole, Zuika, Austin, Nazma, Caetuno, Francesca, Megan, Angela, Harriet, Sam, and Dante – Current and Former Students!

Go Hawks!

Our Briarcrest students took a moment this afternoon to be part of The 12s, and support our Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl!  We wrote: BC – 12, and put an arch around it.  Very fun – Go Hawks!



Room 9 12s


Salmon Update

DSC00551The alevin have grown and are much easier to see now.  They still have the yolk sack attached to their bodies to provide all of the nutrients they need while they are growing at this stage.  They still spend most of their time burrowed in the gravel but you might see one “swim” across the bottom every once in while.  Please stop by the library to check them out when you have time!

I would also like to thank our salmon guardians, Tim, Leah, Nelsie and Nora Sullivan, for taking care of the salmon last week!  The alevin are thriving thanks to them!

Frequently Asked Questions about Kindergarten for 2015-16

  1. Is there a cost involved for kindergarten?

No, there is no longer a cost for kindergarten.


  1. Where do I register for kindergarten?

You register at your home school. If you don’t know which is your home school, you may either call the closest neighborhood school or call the Instruction office at 206.393.4211. If you are applying to Cascade K-8 Community School, you still need to register at your home school as well as Cascade K-8 Community.

  1. What do I need to bring when I register my child?

Birth certificate or passport


Verification of address, such as tax statement, utility/phone bill (Shoreline residents only)

Emergency contact numbers, cell phone numbers etc.

Phone numbers for doctor


  1. Does it matter when I register my child?

Registration for in-district students begins on Monday, February 2nd. At the end of February, if there are more than 46 students registered, there will be a drawing establishing the first two kindergarten classrooms. Registration for those living outside of Shoreline will also begin on February 2nd. At the end of the month a drawing will determine the wait list for non-residents. Those registering after the last day in February will be added to the wait list as they register. Our intent is to give families more than one day to register.


  1. How many kindergarten classrooms are there at each school?

Each of our nine elementary schools has a minimum of two kindergarten classes. Seven of our schools have either three or four kindergarten classes.

  1. How many students are in a kindergarten class?

Traditionally the kindergarten classes have 23 students.


  1. Is transportation provided for kindergarten students?

Eligibility for transportation is based on the distance from your home to the school. If you live outside of the 1-mile walk area or in an area designated as a hazardous walk area by the district, your student will be eligible for bus transportation. Please go to the Shoreline School District website (www.shorelineschools.org), click on Departments, and then Transportation to look up your bus stop on e-link.


  1. What happens if more than 46 students register?

If there are more than 46 students registered at the end of February, there will be a drawing on Monday, March 2nd to determine which students will be placed in the first two classes. You will be notified no later than Monday, March 9th as to the outcome of the drawing.


  1. What if my child is not one of the 46 students?

Students not drawn for the class will be put on a wait list in the order their name is drawn. If your child does not initially make it into the class, you may apply for a resident transfer to attend another school that has room (the resident transfer paperwork needs to be submitted to the Instruction office). If a spot opens up at your home school,     the next person on the wait list will be called and moved into the spot.


  1. Would additional classes ever be added?

We will add additional classes if we have a sufficient number of registrations and there is capacity in the building.      For the 2014-15 school year, seven of our schools have more than two kindergarten classes.


  1. What if I want my child to go to a different school in Shoreline?

You need to register at your home school and complete a Resident Transfer form and submit it to the Shoreline School District Instruction office. The Resident Transfer form may be downloaded from the Shoreline School District website (www.shorelineschools.org), District Information, Enrollment. If your resident transfer request is granted, you are required to transport your child to & from school.


  1. What if I live outside of the Shoreline School District?

Registration for students living outside of the Shoreline School District will begin on Monday, February 2rd. You must register at the Instruction office (18560 – 1st Ave NE). At the end of the month, we will have a drawing to determine your place on the wait list. If you register after February, your student’s name will be added to the wait list when you register. You will need to complete a Non-Resident Transfer form, which may be downloaded from the Shoreline website. If your non-resident transfer request is granted, you will be required to transport your child to & from school.


  1. If I submit a resident or non-resident transfer request, when will I receive an answer?

You will be notified no later than 45 days after you submit the transfer. It is possible that your letter will say that currently we don’t have a spot, but that we will keep you on a wait list.


  1. Is there before and after school care?

There is before and after school care available at all school sites. Please contact the Shoreline Children’s Center at      206.393.4256 for information about the cost and to register.


  1. What if my child is not yet 5 years old by August 31?

Children whose birthday falls between September 1 and October 31 may qualify for early entrance. Parents are         responsible for having their child evaluated by a Washington licensed psychologist. For information about the        process, please contact Cathy Allred at 206.393.4211 before contacting a psychologist.


  1. When will we receive information from the school about the new school year?

Most schools send a back-to-school letter towards the end of August, which includes a supply list. Many schools also post the supply list on their website.


  1. When does the school office open in August?

School offices should be open by August 10th.



For more information, please contact your home school or Cathy Allred in the Instruction office at


Coho Salmon Update

IMG_0231About half of our eggs have already hatched are now called alevin (The second stage in their life cycle).  The yolk sack is still attached to the body at this stage to provide the food the alevin needs to grow.  Naturally they begin nestling in under the rocks to protect themselves from danger.  When you visit the salmon you will see their little heads hiding in the rocks and their tails wiggling up in the water.

Be sure to stop by the library to check them out!

Coho Salmon Eggs Have Arrived

IMG_0228This morning Mr.Siscel delivered our coho salmon eggs.  There are 100-200 eggs in our tank.  You can see the eyes and spine already and several eggs are wiggling.

Please stop by the library some time to take a look.  They may be hatched or hatching when you are here for conferences next week!

When you visit please remember to keep voices quiet, movements slow and to not touch the tank.IMG_0224