Thank you for supporting the BC library!

Thank you all so much for supporting our book fair last week!

Thanks to you…

  • 55 books were donated to classrooms
  • the library kept 43 books to add to the collection
  • over $100 in books were given to BC students
  • the library was able to keep some money to spend on future books and library programs

Also, a huge thank you to our volunteers: Monica Schippers, Mindy Vanden Berg, Rachelle Mitchell, Sarah Smith, Laura Drinkwine, Jammie Starr, Sara Lorimer, Shelley Anderson, Carolyn Lane, Tracy Henry, Janet Markwardt, Lindsay Cornelius, Nancy Fong, Judy Ding.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Happy reading!

Mrs. Wandler and Mrs. Loviska


The Book Fair is open!

IMG_2222 IMG_2223 IMG_2224As you can see this is a HUGE book fair!  There are so many great titles available, including all of this year’s award nominees for Children’s Choice, Young Reader’s Choice and Sasquatch.

I tried out the new Scholastic book fair app this morning.  The app will allow you to scan the cover of any book at the fair and find out the Lexile level, intended audience and a brief summary.  Slick!

For those of you who want to skip the crowds and lines, remember there is an online fair going on as well.

The Minecraft Handbook is currently not in stock.  However, you can purchase it at the book fair and we will order it for you.  Not sure how long that will take…but they are usually pretty quick!

Thank you for supporting the book fair and your BC Library!

Book Fair!

Our biggest book fair of the year is just around the corner (April 7-11)!  This is the biggest fund raiser of the year for our library.  Every purchase you make will help us buy more books and support fun library programs like Open Library Nights and Summer Reading.

If you are unable to make it in but would still like to browse or purchase books, online shopping is available here:

We still have plenty of volunteer opportunities available as well!  Please contact Mrs. Loviska.

See you at the book fair!

Mrs. Wandler and Mrs. Loviska

Math Olympiad

Our Briarcrest Brainiacs did so well at Math Olympiad!  We won 3rd place overall for having 33% of our eligible 4th-6th graders participating, and had 30 students win medals out of the 66 students attending.  That is absolutely fabulous.  We had 19 coaches/chaperones help with the program, which was directed this year by our fourth grade teacher, Stacey Neble.  Thanks and congratulations to all!IMG_1291

Alice in Wonderland

Join Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, and all of the other characters from Alice in Wonderland at our 5th/6th grade musical presentation!  Our shows will be Friday and Saturday night, starting at 7:00, at the Shorecrest High School Performing Arts Center.  15343 25th Ave NE, Shoreline 98155

We do have some tickets still available for both performances, available at the box office at the show or in the Briarcrest office until 4:00 this afternoon.  I strongly encourage all of our families to come!

A DVD of the play will be given to all of our 5th and 6th graders, along with professional photos taken by our own Sara Sokolowski.  We purchase the rights to create and provide these to our families.  Other photography, personal video cameras, and phone/tablet cameras are not permitted.  Please just come and enjoy the show!


Go Hawks!

We enjoyed our final Blue Friday of the year with a huge show of support for the Seahawks by our students… and wrapped it all up with an all-school photo on our playfield in the afternoon.  Go Hawks!


Global Reading Challenge

Our Global Reading Challenge event was this morning, with teams made up of our fourth and fifth grade students.  Ms. Maylor, Ms. Wood-Lim, Ms. Dorn, and Ms. Burgher were our terrific coaches this year.  Thank you to all our students who participated by reading 10 books and joining in the challenge!  Our “Scarlet Hand” team will be representing Briarcrest at the district competition.  Good luck!

IMG_7779 IMG_7781 IMG_7782Global Reading Challenge strives to:

  • Promote the love of reading and have fun
  • Foster teamwork among students with diverse reading skills
  • Promote the use of public libraries as neighborhood and community resource centers
  • Introduce children to a wide variety of literature and multicultural reading materials
  • Provide a recreational outlet for readers
  • Encourage children to read for retention
  • Provide positive experiences between children, librarians, teachers, and parents
  • Form partnerships with local schools and to strengthen community ties
  • Build confidence and integrity in young readers
  • Participate in a public library activity that promotes reading as a pleasurable lifelong experience

Kindergarten – Frequently Asked Questions

photoPhoto:  Our Briarcrest Team at Kinderfest

Frequently Asked Questions about Kindergarten for 2014-15

  1. What is the difference between half-day and all-day kindergarten?

    The curriculum is the same in both half-day and all-day. However, all-day kindergarten allows more time to focus on the curriculum, as well as some additional enrichment activities.

  2. Is there a half-day and all-day program at every school?

    Yes, as long as enrollment warrants it. For the last seven years we have had at least one class of each program at every school.

  3. Is there a cost involved for kindergarten?

    There is no cost for half-day kindergarten. The total cost for all-day kindergarten is $3,100 for the year. You will need to pay a registration fee of $265 when you register, and then starting in September you will make a payment
    of $315 each month through May. All monthly payments must be made through automatic payment deductions from a checking or savings account.

  4. Where do I register for kindergarten?

    You register at your home school. If you don’t know which is your home school you may either call the closest neighborhood school or call the Instruction office at 206.393.4211. If you are applying to Cascade K-8 Community School, you still need to register at your home school as well as Cascade K-8 Community.

  5. What do I need to bring when I register my child?
    • ❑  Birth certificate or passport
    • ❑  Verification of address, such as tax statement, utility/phone bill (Shoreline residents only)
    • ❑  Emergency contact numbers, cell phone numbers etc.
    • ❑  Phone numbers for doctor
  6. Does it matter when I register my child?

    Registration for in-district students begins on Monday, February 3rd. After February 12th, if there are more than 23 students registered, there will be a drawing establishing the first class (see #9). Registration for those living outside of Shoreline will also begin on February 3rd. At the end of the day on February 12th a drawing will determine the wait list for non-residents. Those registering after the 12th, will be added to the wait list as they register. Our intent is to give families more than one day to register.

  7. How many students are in a kindergarten class?

    Traditionally the kindergarten classes have 23 students.

  8. Is transportation provided for kindergarten students?

    Eligibility for transportation is based on the walking mile from your home school, with the exception of some walking safety boundaries. Please go on-line to, click on transportation under departments to look up your bus stop on e-link.

  9. What happens if more than 23 students register?

    If there are more than 23 students registered at a specific school by February 12th, there will be a drawing the next day to determine which students will be placed in the class. The school will notify you no later than Monday, February 24th as to the outcome of the drawing.

10. What if my child is not one of the 23 students?

Students not drawn for the class will be put on a wait list in the order their name is drawn. If your child does not initially make it into the class, you may choose to go into the half-day program at your home school, or you may apply for a resident transfer to attend another school that has room (the resident transfer paperwork needs to be submitted to the Instruction office). If a spot opens up in the all-day program at your home school, the next person on the wait list will be called and moved into the spot whether they are in the half-day program or are at another school.

11. Would a second class ever be added?

We will add a second class as soon as we have a sufficient number of registrations. For the 2013-2014 school year, six all-day classes and five half-day classes were added after the initial registration period.

12. What happens if the half-day program at my home school is full?

If the half-day program is full at your home school, and there are not enough students to add another class, the Shoreline School District will determine an appropriate half-day placement for your child, and transportation will be provided. The district is required to provide a half-day program for all students in the district.

13. What happens if the all-day program at my home school is full?

All-day kindergarten is an optional program. If we have enough students to add an additional class of 23, we will. We will keep your student on the wait list at your home school. You may apply for a resident transfer to another school that has room in their all-day program if the half-day program will not work for you.

14. What if I want my child to go to a different school in Shoreline?

You need to register at your home school and complete a Resident Transfer form and submit it to the Shoreline School District Instruction office. The Resident Transfer form may be downloaded from the Shoreline website (, District Information, Enrollment. If your resident transfer request is granted, you are required to transport your child to & from school.

15. What if I live outside of the Shoreline School District?

Registration for students living outside of the Shoreline School District will begin on Monday, February 3rd. You must register at the Instruction office (18560 – 1st Ave NE). At the end of the day on February 12th, we will have a drawing to determine your place on the wait list. You will need to complete a Non-Resident Transfer form, which may be downloaded from the Shoreline website. If your non-resident transfer request is granted, you will be required to transport your child to & from school.

16. If I submit a resident or non-resident transfer request, when will I receive an answer?

You will be notified no later than April 18, 2014.

17. Is there before and after school care?

There is before and after school care available at all school sites. After school care begins at the end of the full day of school. Please contact the Shoreline Children’s Center at 206.393.4256 for information about the cost and to register.

18. Is there after school care for half-day kindergarten?

No, only before school care. The Shoreline Children’s Center may have programs available (206.393.4256).

19. What if my child is not yet 5 years old by August 31?

Children whose birthday falls between September 1 and October 31 may qualify for early entrance. Parents are responsible for having their child evaluated by a Washington licensed psychologist. For information about the process, please contact Cathy Allred at 206.393.4211.

20. When will we receive information from the school about the new school year?

Most schools send a back-to-school letter towards the end of August, which includes a supply list. Many schools also post the supply list on their website.

21. When does the school office open in August?

School offices should be open by August 11th.

For more information, please contact your home school or Cathy Allred in the Instruction office at 206.393.4211.

REVISED 1/28/14