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Mini Book Fair this week

April 11—13
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
In the library from noon until 4 PM
The Brookside library will receive
50% back in Free Books!
Many New Titles:
Featuring New Books:
Multi-cultural, fiction, science activities, history
reference and more.
Thank you for supporting your bookfair!
Browse & Shop the E fair.
See you there!

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Principal’s Message

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.01.24 PM2016 Smarter Balanced Assessment
Last year was our first with the new State test, the Smarter Balanced Assessment (or SBA). It’s been developed and maintained by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. If you have an upper-grade student, you probably learned a bit about the SBA last year. If you are new to our school or to a tested grade (3rd and above) this may all seem new, and perhaps a bit intimidating. As an educator and the parent of two boys ages 2 & 5, I am a firm proponent of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as I believe that these new standards help us to focus on things that will be important for our children. The CCSS help us to engage students with mathematics as a set of tools & ways of thinking to be creatively applied to problems. They also help us to focus our students’ reading and writing skills toward comprehending, creating, and supporting logical arguments. If you think about the kinds and amounts of information that you and I encounter each day, you can easily see how children today must have a firm basis in these skills in order to effectively interact with the world as well as become an informed decision-maker in our democracy. Our testing schedule will be posted online soon. If you have questions about the CCSS or SBA, please feel free to call us: 206/393-4140.
District Calendar Community Meetings
Shoreline Public School and the Shoreline Educators’ Association (the teachers’ union) have been in discussion about various ways to support our teachers doing their best collaborative work together. One part of this support done in many neighboring school districts is holding an early release or late start day for students to allow teachers dedicated time to work together outside of their classrooms. We are holding several community meetings to allow for your input on this.
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We are a Level 1 Green School

Did you know that Brookside is a Level One King County Green School? This means we are doing a great job of recycling paper to reduce our waste. Keep recycling paper in the classrooms and print on 2-sided paper.
Brookside is increasing our recycling this year by starting to recycle milk cartons in the lunchroom as well as recycle markers in all classrooms as part of the Crayola Colorycle Program. Recycling milk cartons will significantly reduce our waste going into landfills. Look for marker recycling boxes in your classroom this month and add any old markers!
Finally, this year Brookside created a Green Team to work together to improve our efforts throughout the school. If you are interested in joining our team, email Missy Liu


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Smarter Balance Testing

Please note that the required state testing, SMARTER BALANCE (formerly MSP and WASL) for grades 3-6 will take place between April 25th – May 31st. Please take this into consideration when scheduling family trips and appointments. Tests are usually taken in the morning. More information to come.
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Report Cards Come to You on February 12, 2016

report-card-clipReport cards will be coming home with your child the Friday before Mid-Winter Break. If you have seen any other issue dates for this, this came from a miscommunication to the staff.
The actual date is 2/12/16.
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Principal’s Message

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.01.24 PMNational Board Certification!
Congratulations to Ranice Innocent for completing the National Board Certification (NBC) process! This is a voluntary, advanced teaching credential that goes beyond state licensure. NBC has national standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do. The National Board certifies teachers who successfully complete its rigorous certification process. Brookside is fortunate to have several NBC teachers, including: Megan Nandi (fourth grade), Janet Paden (sixth grade), Allyn Woods (physical education), and now Ranice Innocent (first grade).
Eastside Choral Singfest on 2/4/16
Our 5th and 6th grade Honor Choir will perform at the Shorecrest theater 7:30 PM on Thursday 2/4. Come enjoy the accomplishments of our developing vocalists.
Non-Student Day on 2/5/16
Our students will not attend school on Friday 2/5; but our school is open. Your children know a
good deal about teachers’ work during the school day, but our teachers do a considerable amount
of individual and collaborative work outside of that to ensure that in-class time with your children is
productive and meaningful.
Coffee with the Principal on 2/25/16
Our next meeting will be Thursday 2/25 at 9:15 AM. People who attend the meeting bring the
agenda items and topics of conversation. I look forward to seeing you on one of more of the
following Thursdays: 2/25, 3/31, 4/28, 5/26, 6/16.
Internet & Social Media Safety
Periodically, I work with students and their families around issues connected to technology use
outside of school. As parents, we must all be vigilant monitors of our children’s media access.
There was a time that parents could feel reasonably assured that their kids would only view
appropriate media as long as they didn’t watch late night TV or see an R-rated movie.
Unfortunately, this is not the world we live in today. Please talk to your child frequently about their
media use (Internet, Instagram, Snapchat, text, phone, and others) and ensure that you have open
lines of communication so that s/he knows to come to you directly if anything seems wrong or
makes them feel uncomfortable.
Thank you for your ongoing support,
John Simard
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Winter Musical Showcase

Join us on Thursday 12/17 at 10:00 a.m. or 7:00 p.m. for this year’s general music winter performance. This time, we will showcase the talents of students in both first and second grades as well as second and third graders in Mrs. Ramey’s class. We hope to see you there.
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Winter Break Approaches

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.23.44 AMThis is my final scheduled Principal’s Message of 2015. As such, please accept warm winter holiday wishes and (an early) Happy New Year from me and the rest the staff at Brookside. We hope that you have a Winter Break filled with joy and quality family time. We look forward to everyone returning refreshed and ready to jump in to 2016!
-Mr. Simard
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Lost and Found

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.05.16 PMBrookside has a very full lost and found area in the main office including coats, jackets, sweatshirts, hats and lunchboxes. Remind your children to look there for lost items, or you may stop in to check for things yourself. None of these items have your child’s name visible on the label. Unclaimed items will be donated to THE WORKS on Friday morning Dec. 18th.
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