Kindergarten Registration for 2015-16

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.27.53 PMKindergarten registration for Shoreline residents with students starting kindergarten in the fall of 2015 will begin Monday, Feb. 2 at all elementary schools. You will need to register at your neighborhood/home school. In order to attend kindergarten in the fall, a child must be five years old by Aug. 31, 2015.
Read Mr. Simard’s letter to parents.
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Eggs Are Hatching!

alevinBe sure to check out the salmon tank next time you are at school. The eggs are hatching and some of the brave ones are starting to swim around the tank.
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Principal’s Message

New Kindergarteners!
It may seem a world away from you now, but most of you probably attended this event the winter
before your child entered Kindergarten with us. Kinderfest 2015, held this past Saturday, was a great
success. Mrs. Gallotte (office manager), Ms. Borugian & Mrs. Rieck (both Kindergarten teachers), and
I greeted incoming parents and guardians at the Brookside school table. Current Brookside parents & guardians at the PTA table fielded questions and eased the new-school anxiety that many adults feel as their child starts a new phase in their education and life. Thank you to all who participated. We will hold a school tour this Wednesday morning at 9:30. I am really looking forward to connecting with our new families.
– John Simard, Principal
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They’re Here

DSC02054Jim Siscel (dedicated volunteer) adds salmon eggs to the tank at Brookside in front of a first grade class whowill act as Salmon Watchers and record their observations as the salmon grow. They will eventually be released into Brookside Creek on Earth Day in April.
Brookside received 230 Coho eggs  which came from the Issaquah hatchery.
This will be the 25th year that Brookside students have released salmon into our creek.
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Family Ads

Would you like to give a shout out to your favorite Brookside student or staff?  This year Brookside families have the opportunity to purchase a family ad to be featured in our auction catalog.  All 1/3 page ads are 50.00 and include a photo and up to three lines of text.  You can find the form  under the sponsor link on the auction web page.  Space is limited so submit your ad right away!
We need 25 beautiful desserts for our fun Dessert Dash at the PTA Gala
Desserts can be homemade or store bought.
The more beautiful, unique and delicious looking the better.
Please e-mail Deci Evans at  to confirm youare able to donate a dessert and get details on delivery, etc.
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PTA Auction Information

Buy your tickets now for the Brookside Spring into Auction! $35.00 includes dinner and drinks and a fun evening with your friends and Brookside community.   $35.00 Price extended through February 1st
We need donations!  Donated Items and wine are needed to help make this auction a success.  Donation and sponsor forms can be found on the website,  Be on the look out for donation drop off dates starting next week.  If you have any questions please contact Deci Evans at
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Principal’s Message

Warm Winter Wishes in a Time of Change –
It is amazing to think that we are already at the cusp of Winter Break. This year is really flying by!
It certainly has already been a year of many changes for Brookside: a new principal, a new curriculum for English language arts and mathematics (The Common Core State Standards), and a new CCSS- aligned report card that you will have in your possession today. There is always a period of adjustment as we become acquainted with “the new” but this is often coupled with great hope, promise, and excitement.
The holiday season can be a time to reflect upon and appreciate both the new and the well-worn parts of our lives, a time to refocus and remember the people we care about the most. No matter which holidays your family celebrates, I hope that you are able to spend time together and find joy in each other over our break.
I look forward to hearing all the wonderful Winter Break stories when the kids return in January. Happy Holidays!
John Simard, Principal
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Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 8.28.13 AM

Read the letter from epidemiologist Krista Rietberg.

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Girl Choir

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.14.29 PMThe Brookside Girl Choir and the 3rd Grade Choir will present the “Winter Fantasy” performances on December 11, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m., in the BKS gym. Singing, simple choreography, dance, two part rounds, and counter-melody songs will all be a part of their choir performance. We‛re even going to ask the audience to sing with us! Come join us for this enjoyable evening.

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Principal’s Message:

As you know, children learn many things at school including how to read, express themselves in writing, and use mathematics as a tool to find solutions. They also continue their exploration and learning in the social arena as well; and this includes having & solving conflicts. Bullying is often a focus of stories about school in the media today. There are certainly many palpable examples on the national scene of serious bullying issues; however, it is also a term that can be ill defined and over-applied. Below is information adapted from Childhood Bullying and Teasing: What School Personnel, Other Professionals, and Parents Can Do, Dorothea M. Ross, Ph.D. These guidelines can be helpful in distinguishing between bullying and very normal conflict that occurs between children as they develop into adults with both academic and social acumen.
Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.52.39 AM
Bullying can also take many different forms:
Verbal: name calling, put-downs, insults, harassment
Exclusion: deliberately excluding certain people from groups and activities, or refusing to interact with them
Physical: shoves, pushes, hitting or other physical contact
Psychological: giving “dirty looks,” threats
Gossip: lowering people’s opinions of the victim
Social Aggression: spreading untrue rumors about a person or telling others not to be friends with someone.
Cyber Bullying: bullying someone using social media
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