Welcome to the 2014-15 School Year!

Welcome Back Echo Lake Students and Families!

We are excited to see our hallways and classrooms filled once again. It has been an exciting summer around Echo Lake. Almost 400 students visited us during our Open Library dates. Thank you to Mrs. Cruz for organizing this fantastic opportunity and for all the families that participated. Doesn’t the front of the school look great? That’s because our maintenance staff did a fantastic job touching up our parking paint. In addition, through a community partnership with Shoreline Covenant Church, we have all new bark resting under our beautiful trees. Thank you to Shoreline Covenant for supplying us with the people needed to make this happen.

Our annual Meet the Teacher, Open House, PTA BBQ is tomorrow, September 2nd from 3:00-4:00. The PTA BBQ will run from 3:30-5:00. This is a wonderful opportunity to stop by and meet your child’s new teacher, reconnect with friends, drop off school supplies for the year, and enjoy a little BBQ. The PTA will provide hot dogs, buns, condiments, chips and drinks. Please bring something to share – desserts, salads, etc. 

New this year, our library will also be hosting a Back to School Book Fair! The book fair will be held in the Reference Room. This is a great opportunity to pick up a fun new book to kick off the school year. All proceeds from the sales go to support our library programs. The Book Fair will be open during our Open House and all week.
Tuesday, Sept 2        3-6pm
Wed., Sept. 3            8:30am-4pm
Thurs., Sept 4            8:30am-4pm
Fri., Sept. 5                8:30am-4pm

School starts Wednesday, September 3rd. If you get the chance, we are hosting a Welcome Coffee in the library at 9:10 Wednesday and Thursday. This is a another opportunity to meet families or get to know our PTA. For those students riding the bus, please make sure to be at your stop a few minutes early. Parents, be prepared for some flexibility as we are starting the year with several new bus drivers, routes, and bus colors. We will have staff at the school to assist your child in finding their classrooms and ensure they are on the appropriate bus for the ride home. For those parents who are driving, please do not pull into our bus loading/unloading zone to drop students off. This is very dangerous and is not an area where our patrols and crossing guards are watching. If you plan to park and walk your student to their class, please make sure to be respectful of our neighbor’s driveways and private property.

We can’t wait for the school year to start!

See you all soon,
Mr. Lohman

Join Us For Our Summer Open Library!

Please join us this summer during our open library times for fun stories, prizes, special guests and more. All students are invited to check out books for reading, enjoy a quiet place, and celebrate the fun you can have with a great story. As I’ve shared before, reading during the summer is crucial to the continuous growth of your child’s reading development. Our library and staff are dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to books all summer long.

For more information and a complete schedule, please click on this link to our new library website!

Happy Reading!

Mr. Lohman