Thanks Again…..

Dear Kellogg Families,

We had a terrific turnout last night for Curriculum Night. Thank you for coming! We certainly hope the evening was a good use of your time and that you now have some good conversation starters at home to learn more about your child’s experiences in middle school. Please, if you have questions or need some one on one help learning how to use our Data Dashboard resource or how to navigate Google homework calendars do not hesitate to ask — the office, counseling, and administrative team can help when you come in the building and any teacher can also help. Try having your student show you first and this way you can check their understanding of these tools as well. If you see that they don’t know how to use them then even more reason to reach out and get some help!

I’m attaching our handout from last night that explains our student organization plan — it is intended to help develop the organizational skills that every secondary student needs to be successful. It reflects our belief that the best approach at this age is to work as a team: teacher, student, parent. There are certain steps that each of us needs to take in order to support each student in learning the planning, time management, and organizational skills they will need. It will take ALL of us.

Have a good weekend!

Lisa Gonzalez, Principal

Student Organizational Success Plan

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Hang Time and Activity Bus Info

Sent yesterday as a robo email from Ms. Gonzalez:

Hang Time begins tomorrow Tuesday, September 29th and will run every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between now and the end of May. Students are eligible to attend with a Hang Time form and paid ASB fee ($25). Students may take the Activity Bus home after Hang Time, walk home (with signed permission from a parent on the Hang Time form), or be picked up. If you are picking up your student, please pick up your Kellogg student by 4:45 PM. The Activity Bus schedule is attached. The stops are noted on the left side and the times are also provided. Please review with your child to discuss which stop they will get off at.  If you have questions or any problems with your child’s transportation, please call Transportation at 206.393.4277.

If you think that your student will want to stay at Kellogg to watch a Football game, basketball game, volleyball, etc. please know they will be required to register for Hang Time and attend the sporting event through Hang Time. Students may only attend these after school events with an adult or with the Hang Time program. If you think your child may need to access the Activity Bus home after sports some time this year, please know you will also need to register for Hang Time. In short, all students should have a Hang Time form to ensure that they can stay at our after school program any time they may need or choose to. It will give you peace of mind to know you have this option should you have a late meeting and need your student to remain at Kellogg. Thanks!

Activity Bus Routes Activity Bus Link

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KMS PTSA’s Annual Fundraiser

(Click PTSA link below for more info & pre-sale tickets)


Save the Date: “A Delightful Knight Out”


Friday, November 6th


@ The Shoreline Center

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Early Release Today – 11:15 (Friday)

Friday Bell Schedule – A-Day (Special)

Period 0          7:40-8:25

Period 1          8:30-8:58

Period 2          9:02-9:25   

Period 3          9:29-9:52

Period 4         9:56-10:19  

Period 5         10:23-10:46

Period 6         10:50-11:15

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Coffee Talk with Principal Gonzalez….

Okay, not “Coffee Talk”, but…..

“Principal’s Coffee”


Dear Kellogg Families,

Tomorrow morning (September 24th), from 8 AM – 9 AM I will be hosting our first Principal’s Coffee for parents. We will be meeting in the Family Center across from the main office. Our first coffee will be largely about listening… my listening to what your child’s experience has been like transitioning to middle school. I’d love to hear your perspective and be able to improve our work in welcoming our 7th and 8th graders to the school year. If you are able to join in on the conversation, please come to Kellogg, sign in at the main office, and come across the hall for an informal discussion. Thank you!

Lisa Gonzalez, Principal

More dates coming up!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 5.11.35 PM

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Counselor to Student/List Updated

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.21.27 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.21.45 AM

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Correction: Jazz Band Starts Tomorrow (Tuesday)



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Message from Principal Gonzalez

Dear Kellogg Families:

We received lots of calls yesterday with questions about transportation. The first, best place, to check for information is through the Transportation Website at Here, you will go to the right side and click on 2015-2016 BUS INFORMATION.

This link will cue you to enter your address and will tell you where/when your child can catch the bus to Kellogg. Bus route pick up/drop off times have changed so please do take a look! There is a way you can send an email to transportation with your specific question/concern and there is a phone number as well. Our understanding is that response time has been slow and we hear your frustration about that. Please continue trying to reach transportation directly and if you are unable to get your questions answered or needs met, contact me at and I will do my best to get you the information you are seeking.

Other than a few bus snafus on the first day, we had a great start to the school year — our students were super friendly, open, and kind with each other. The 7th graders managed the hallways and the class schedule beautifully and our 8th graders were excellent helpers. All in all, a very nice beginning. Thank you for sharing your kids with us.


Lisa Gonzalez, Principal

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Transportation Contact Info


Click on E-Link to look up your bus route.

(If you are less than a mile to school – you are considered a “walker”.)

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First Four Days –

First 4

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