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Scholastic Summer Reading


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Principal Letter

Dear LFP Families~

This past weekend, it was fun to welcome our newest LFP Dolphins, our incoming Kindergarten families, to the PTA Kindergarten Playdate. At the same time, we wish our incredible sixth graders all the best as we send them off to middle school where they will go on to accomplish more great things!

Sixth graders are not the only ones making transitions this summer. We also have some staff members making some exciting changes for the 2016-2017 school year.

Mrs. Wildey is retiring after 35 years teaching students in the Shoreline School District. As many former students and colleagues attested to last Friday at her party, Mrs. Wildey has a kind heart, truly connects with each student, and is always cheering people up with kind notes and a smile. She has made a huge impact on many students over the years and will be greatly missed. We take solace knowing that she still has family attending LFP so we hope to see her volunteering after she gets some books read and traveling in. Thank you, Mrs. Wildey for an outstanding career!

Miss Tucker, our wonderful teacher-librarian, is moving to a private school closer to her home. In her nine years at LFP, Ms. Tucker has created a library that is the heart and soul of our school and a place that students love to learn, grow, and read! She has also co-led our wonderful Patrols, started the Library Advisory Council, helped raise the salmon each year, brought beautiful student art to our library walls, and co- coached our Global Reading teams. Ms. Tucker’s way of creating a passion for every child to love reading will be greatly missed. Mr. Kleyn, a former teacher, teacher-librarian at Highland Terrace, and most recently a district Tech Integration Specialist, will be our new LFP teacher- librarian.

Miss Waltrip joined LFP two years ago and has been such a great part of our third grade team. Miss Waltrip is headed to teach in Thailand next year. Students have loved being in her class and we are sure that the staff and students at her new school in Thailand will love getting to work with her. We wish her the best and hope she will send us lots of pictures and setup pen pals with a class at LFP.

Mrs. Olsen has been a fourth grade teacher at LFP for several years and has taken a third grade teaching position on Bainbridge Island where she recently moved to. Mrs. Olsen has been a teacher leader at LFP for her expertise on the standards and quality instruction. She has been a strong collaborator with the fourth grade team and will be greatly missed by all lucky enough to have worked with her.

Mrs. Maurer has been our Ballinger Homes family advocate this year and will now be the eastside secondary family advocate for Kellogg and Shorecrest. Mrs. Henson will serve all of our LFP families, including our Ballinger Homes families next year. Mrs. Maurer has been a great resource and advocate for all of our Ballinger Homes students and families and has done great work growing the district’s Natural Leaders program. Our students are lucky that they will get to work with Mrs. Maurer when they arrive at Kellogg and Shorecrest! Congratulations to Mrs. Maurer who is expecting a baby in the fall.

Mrs. Thompson has been our classroom support relief teacher this year working with the three second grade teachers due to their high number of students. Mrs. Thompson has taught math, science, and art to the classes and really supported the teachers and students well. We appreciate her flexibility and great work with our second grade students.

Mrs. Limon joined us mid-year temporarily as a teacher in our Resource Room due to our numbers of students on IEPs rising. Mrs. Limon did a great job teaching our students, leading IEP meetings, and collaborating with Mr. Allred, Mrs. Phipps, and Mrs. Donovan. We are so lucky to have had her extra help this year.

Ms. Lee, general music teacher, has been offered 1.0 at Highland Terrace next year. We thank Ms. Lee for her hard work leading our students to learn music and perform such high quality musical showcases. We appreciate all that Ms. Lee brought to our music program this year.

Mrs. Roberdeau came to LFP mid year in her internship to fill our School Psychologist position. We are so happy that Mrs. Roberdeau helped us with SSTs, testing, and evaluation feedback meetings. She got to get some great experience for her career and we are grateful for her learning with us at LFP. Mrs. Roberdeau will be completing her internship at Parkwood next year.

We need babies! If you are having a baby this summer, we would love to have you participate in our Roots of Empathy program in a Kindergarten or third grade classroom next year. Please contact our office if you are interested at 206.393.4130.

We wish you a wonderful summer and hope that your child/ren will spend lots of time outside playing and reading! We look forward to seeing you in September at our Teacher Meet and Greet Tuesday, September 6th,
3:00 – 4:00 pm followed by our PTA BBQ from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.

Principal Miner

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Supply Lists

Kindergarten Supply List

First Gr Supply List

Second Grade Supply List

Third Grade Supply List

Fourth grade supply list

Fifth Grade Supply List

Sixth Grade Supplies

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District closed to new non-resident applications for grades K-6 for 2015-16

Over the past year the Shoreline School District has been keeping a close watch on our increasing enrollment.  While this is a positive sign after many years of declining enrollment this trend does present some challenges to our schools.  As a result of:

  • Increased enrollment
  • Space constraints particularly at the elementary level
  • Anticipated future growth

the Shoreline School District has carefully come to the following decision:

In accordance with Policy 3141 and 3141P, in which admittance of non-resident students shall take into consideration classroom and program capacity to serve and not diminish educational opportunities and services to students of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park residents, the Shoreline School District is now closed to new non-resident boundary transfer applications for grades K-6 for the 2015-16 school year.

Current students with non-resident boundary transfers for the 2014-15 school year will be allowed to continue to attend the Shoreline School District unless the family moves or admission is revoked for the reasons identified in the notice of acceptance. The District will reevaluate enrollment capacity prior to the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. At that time siblings of students with current non-resident boundary exceptions will be given priority should space become available.

The District will continue to honor all statutory and contractual obligations relating to non-resident boundary transfer applications for the children of District employees.

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LFP Vision

   The vision of Lake Forest Park Elementary is to provide a safe and supportive community where all individuals are encouraged to explore and meet each challenge as lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.

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