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Communication & publications for parents and families:

Let’s Talk – this is the best way to make your thoughts known to the school. A simple web-based form you fill out that goes directly to our decision makers.

SC Broadcast – a periodic email sent to all families who have given their email address to the school. Full of important and useful information. If you are not receiving this and wish to, simply update your Family Access account. Go to our Family Access page for more information on how to do this.  You can also read it on our Principal’s Page.

Daily Bulletin – information and details relating to school events including the schedule. This information is included in the SC Broadcast.

SC Scoop Newsletter – a monthly online publication by the SC PTSA

Principal’s Page – Lots of useful information and resources.

Calendar – our web calendar is a great place to find out what is coming up at SC.

Family Access Website – allows students and parents/guardians access to view student attendance, schedules, report card grades, progress report grades, fees and fines, and food service balances. This is where the official contact and emergency information is kept so it is important you make sure this is up to date in order for us to reach you. Family Access updates in real time so all information is current. Students have access but with fewer privileges. It is therefore important to safeguard passwords. Access information is mailed home at the end of September on lavender paper. If you need additional help, please visit our registrar’s website and/or contact Emily Cedergreen.

Data Dashboard – allows students and parents/guardians access to view classroom grades and State assessment results. This tool was designed to allow us to have comprehensive data on how each student is doing and allow us to do what is best for that student. Much of what is in Family Access is available in Data Dashboard but please realize that any information you update does not become part of the student’s permanent record unless you update it in Family Access. Data Dashboard updates once a day at midnight. Teacher grades update when the teacher does so, which is twice a month at minimum. Access information is mailed home at the end of September on lavender paper. If you need additional help, please vist our registrar’s website and/or contact Emily Cedergreen.

Naviance Family Connection is a web-based program being used in our high schools.  It helps students, parents, and school staff collaborate on post-high-school career and college planning, including streamlining the college-application process.  Students each have their own account; parents share one account for all their students.  The registration code allows one parent to set up a Naviance account for all parents of Shorecrest students in the family. Access information is mailed home at the end of September on lavender paper. If you need additional help, please vist our registrar’s website and/or contact Emily Cedergreen.

Teacher Class Websites – To view individual teacher classroom assignments, information, and email you will need to go to the teacher’s website.  The best way to get there is to find the teacher on their department website.  You can get there through the department website directory.  There is also a directory of school websites but it is best to go to the departments page to find a staff member. If in doubt, call us.

Staff Email – staff can also be emailed using the district email website.

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Report Card and State Testing information:

Report Card dates 2015-16:

These dates are when the quarters end. Report cards are handed out in school about two weeks after that date. Semester 2 grades are mailed home at the end of June (depending on weather closures). You can also view all grades as they are posted on Family Access.

Quarter 1 – Nov. 13
Semester 1 – Feb 4
Quarter 3 – April 15
Semester 2 – June 24 (depending on weather closures)

State Testing: Testing dates will be announced well in advance and are set by the Office of the State Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI).  Use the following websites to learn about required State testing.  You can also consult our calendar for dates and schedules.

Learn more about State Testing & Graduation requirements by visiting the OSPI website.

Shoreline School District Assessment Website – information about testing in Shoreline.

Washington State Testing Information Website – with information about exams and when they are given.

Advanced Placement (AP) Testing Information can be obtained from the counseling department (look under announcements) or by checking our calendar.  The tests are in May.

Shoreline Instruction Website – information on all things teaching.

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Resources for parents:

Shorecrest Student Handbook – this handbook is downloaded to student ipads during the first week of school. It contains school polices and general information and can be found on our policies page.

Parents, Teens, and the Law (pdf) courtesy of the Issaquah School District.

Helpful Hints (pdf) – suggestions for parents with teenagers from DSHS.

Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook – This is mailed out each year by the school district.  A current copy can be found on the School Board Website.

Healthy Youth Survey Results 2012 (pdf) – The Washington State Healthy Youth Survey measures health behaviors among youth across the state of Washington. The survey results are an important source of needs-assessment data for school districts, community-based organizations, local health and human service agencies, and state agencies. The results are used to monitor the health status of adolescents and track progress on state and federal education and health-related goals. The survey takes place every two years and participation is completely anonymous. For more informaion see the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey Website.

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Important Shorecrest contacts and information:

Student iPad Information

Shorecrest Website – for things specific to our school.
Shoreline District Website – for the bigger picture, including special alerts.

Shorecrest Health Office – forms & information from the SC Nurses.

Shoreline Emergency Procedures – the district’s website provides centralized information. This is also where snow delays and bus route information is located.

Shoreline Transportation Website – where you will find school bus schedules and emergency routes.

SC Student Services Website – who’s who supporting students. Includes our family advocate, drug and alcohol counselor, school psychologist, and guidance counselors. You will find direct email links.

Shorecrest Attendance Office – start here if you have questions about student attendance.

SC General Information Page – key contacts for all shorecrest offices and links to important information.

Shoreline Online Payments site – Make online credit card payments for food services, athletics and activity fees, and more.

Personal Information Opt Out Form (pdf) – some laws require SC to disclose certain personal information unless you opt out. To opt out you must fill out this form which also explains more.

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Program information:

Shorecrest On-line Media Resources – many things to help students achieve success.

Shorecrest College and Career Readiness Website – help for students to plan their future, including scholarship information.

Shorecrest Bell Schedule – when is 3rd period on an all day C-day? Find out!

Shorecrest Registration Website – information on graduation requirements, course offerings, schedule changes, and more. This is also where we post summer assignments and course information for classes that require it.

Shorecrest Food Services Website – information on school lunches and menus. You can also visit the District Food Services Website for more information.

Shorecrest Traditions Website – find out how the school got started and what all the Scottish stuff means.

Shorecrest Athletics Website – GO SCOTS!

Shorecrest Online Art Gallery

Shoreline Summer School Website

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Groups where parents can be involved and find help:

Shorecrest PTSA – this group is organized by parents to support Shorecrest. It is a great place to start if you want to be involved or need help.

Shorecrest Boosters – this parent group supports our athletic programs and ASB.

Shorecrest Site Council – the governing body of our school. There are two parent reps that can take your input into school decision making. You can also become a parent rep!

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