Please log on to the school’s on-line grading database at: Student Grades/Data Dashboard in order to view your student’s grades.

Your student was given the family password to on-line grading in the first full week of school. Please ask your student for your password if he or she has not already provided it to you. You may also get your password directly from J’nell Swanson, Classified Registrar via e-mail at or by phone at (206)393-4398. 

On Line Grades-  Due Dates for Staff and Familes

On line grades are due to be uploaded from teachers’ grade books to the data-dashboard approximately every two weeks starting in the 3rd week of school. Many teachers upload more frequently. Having frequent grades posted is the best way to hold students accountable for teacher and parent expectations.  We hope that parents will frequently go over grades and assignments to help students succeed.  Due dates for grades will vary to accommodate staff meetings, non-student days and other scheduled events.  Please contact teachers directly if your student’s grades are out of date or if information is not clear. Parents may also contact administration with questions as needed.

2014-2015 School Year
September 25th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
October 16th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
October 31st 3:30PM Data Dashboard, End of 1st 1/4
November 6th Grades Posted to SIS, Report Card Mailed
November 13th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
November 25th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
December 11th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
January 15th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
January 23rd 3:30PM Data Dashboard, End of 1st Semester
January 3oth Grades Posted to SIS, Report Card Mailed
February 12th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
February 26th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
March 12th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
March 26th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
April 3rd 3:30PM Data Dashboard, End of 3rd 1/4
April 9th Grades Posted to SIS, Report Card Mailed
May 7th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
May 21st 3:30PM Data Dashboard
June 4th 3:30PM Data Dashboard
June 19th Final Grades posted to SIS, Report Card Mailed